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7 Different Dog Breeds Who Can Live Alone at Home While You Go to Work

Both adopting and caring for a dog requires significant decisions and time commitments. To avoid neglecting your dog, it’s crucial to do your research and select the breed that is best for your household.

There are many benefits to adopting one of these puppies for sale in Kolkata that can be left alone, regardless of whether you’re looking for a dog for a home with a lot of senior citizens or a quiet dog breed that won’t annoy your neighbours in the apartment building. Breeds of independent dogs vary in terms of size, coat, and temperament, but they all share a low level of separation anxiety.

Dogs that can be left alone are the opposite of Velcro dogs because they won’t cling to you as you move from room to room, including small white dogs like the Maltese and teddy bear dog breeds like the Chow Chow.

Chow Chow:

According to the Dog shop in Kolkata, the lion-like Chow Chow is always clean, refined, and dignified, so they’ll be fine left alone in your home. You’ll need to make a commitment to taking a few good walks before and after work because they do need regular exercise.

Boston Terrier:

Due to their tuxedo colouring, Boston Terriers are incredibly adorable and always prepared for a formal occasions. According to Barking Royalty, Bostons enjoy having toys to play with, so be sure to leave a few out when you leave the house to keep them occupied.

Lhasa Apso:

According to the experts of dogs for sale in Kolkata, Lhasa Apsos are good at amusing themselves and will run around your house to burn off energy. Additionally, they shed little, which is great for maintenance.

French Bulldog:

According to experts, this small, stocky breed was developed for city living, so they don’t need a lot of exercises. They are also relatively quiet, so they won’t bother your neighbours by barking while you are away.


With kids, pugs get along great because they “live to love and to be loved in return.” This indicates that despite being small and muscular, the creature requires some care and is a complete house dog.

Golden Retriever:

The Golden Retriever is one of the most well-liked dog breeds in America. They are well-trained for search and rescue operations and are obedient, serious hunters. They are family dogs that are outgoing, trustworthy, and easy to train, so you won’t return home to a broken vase on the floor.


These dogs have a happy disposition and are devoted companions. They enjoy company because they were bred in packs, so it might be best to leave them alone with a furry friend.

According to the dog breeders in Kolkata while these dogs still need lots of love and proper training, they can be left alone at home for a short period of time while you run errands without destroying your favourite slippers or ruining the carpet. However, it’s still crucial to keep an eye out for any canine behaviours that might point to extended isolation.

Find the most trusted dog breeders in Kolkata who can help you find your next canine best friend for a lifetime. Connect to them now and look for the breed suitable for your lifestyle.

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