Dog Itching

Is Your Dog Itching Continuously? Know about the Causes & the Solutions

Do you notice how often your dog rolls around on the rug, scratches, licks, and itches? Just from observing all of this activity, you might be scratching yourself.

Your dog may be itchy for a several different of reasons. While the occasional dog scratch can be considered normal, frequent scratching may point to a health issue that could deteriorate over time. Your dog may exhibit symptoms of allergic itch from this condition, such as recurrent ear infections, frequent scratching, and skin changes.

Ticks & Fleas:

After you bring a puppy home from the shops of Dog for sale in kolkata, one thing you need to check is the fleas and ticks. When your dog starts scratching, start by looking for ticks and fleas. These blood-dependent pests frequently use dogs as hosts and can attach themselves anywhere. Ticks can remain undetected for a while before they swell to their full size and are easy to see and get rid of.

It’s important to check for ticks during tick season and whenever your dog enters a potentially infested area because these annoying insects can and do carry a variety of harmful diseases. Although less dangerous, fleas are still unpleasant. Such infestations can result in excruciating itching and skin reactions that occasionally necessitate veterinary care.

If you check frequently, they can sometimes be easier to find than ticks, but with long-haired and dark-coloured dogs, you might need some extra assistance. To determine whether you have a flea infestation, run a clean flea comb through your dog’s coat. Your dog may have flea dirt on him or in his usual resting places, like crates and beds. Fleas are almost always to blame if you bathe your dog and the water turns reddish brown.

Occupational Allergies:

If your dog is still scratching but does not have fleas or a food allergy, he may have environmental allergies to things like pollen or dander. A change in diet with the guidance of the Dog shop in Kolkata might not provide much relief, but your vet might suggest a therapeutic food to enhance the health of your dog’s skin. And the best advice when dealing with environmental allergens comes from your veterinarian.

Treatment options can be minor to extensive, involving more than one method, depending on how itchy your dog is. Dogs of the reputed Dog shop in Kolkata who have allergic dermatitis may feel uncomfortable. If treatment is put off, it may also result in additional health issues.

Excessive licking or scratching by a dog can harm the skin and cause wounds and infections. Changes like hair loss, bad body odour, and inflammation may result from these. Even painful skin conditions and wounds can exist for your dog.

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