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Are you searching for a puppies for sale in kolkata / dogs for sale in kolkata /dog breeders in kolkata / Dog shop in Kolkata? Yes, then choosing our service is becoming your favorite choice.
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Our mentors will be here to provide you with the best-in-class puppies in your house and help you make your puppy even healthier.

Not just puppy selling, we also offer puppy sitting and breeding services at your doorstep. If you want to get a best friend of yours, place a call now and get a best-in-class puppy at your house.

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Golden Retriever

German Shepherd


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Gopal SharmaGopal Sharma
15:31 06 Aug 23
Gabbar is now the love of our lives and the apple of our eyes, and we have to thank Flower Pets for that!!!
Surajit DuttaSurajit Dutta
16:37 03 Aug 23
We have called at varying times of the day, sometimes with the most basic questions, and he has guided us patiently each time
Gopel GhoshGopel Ghosh
15:28 03 Aug 23
Flower Pets is a true animal lover, an ethical breeder, and takes care and checks up on the fur babies even after giving them to the owners, and that was the most endearing quality for us.
Palash SilPalash Sil
14:35 03 Aug 23
We brought home our little Labrador baby, Gabbarv, around 2.5 months ago. Right from guiding us about pedigree, what food should be given, as well as getting us in touch with a vet for his vaccinations.
Steven SubhasishSteven Subhasish
14:30 03 Aug 23
Flower Pets are the best you will ever find for very, very helpful for first-time pet parents
Rajesh OraonRajesh Oraon
14:10 02 Aug 23
Highly recommended to all in kolkata, looking for healthy puppy. A very professional and has a good knowledge about dog breed. Helped me to get a super quality Labrador at no time in reasonable price. Dada is truly an expert. He always helps us whenever we are in trouble with our puppy. Thank you so much, Dada.
Prem RamPrem Ram
08:06 15 Jul 23
Everything was so smooth with Flower pets in Kolkata. The puppy I wanted was delivered to me the very next morning and I was given clear instructions about diet chart as well as medication. Really appreciate the post sale help I received from Flower pets team. Got a golden retriever puppy early in March from this company and this being my first large breed, I was quite overwhelmed. I received very clear and timely guidance on all the challenges I faced. Genuinely recommend getting your puppy from here.
Moumita DasMoumita Das
07:56 15 Jul 23
I purchased a lab puppy last month(02/06/2023), Quality of the puppy is very good. I'm happy with my new pet partner. The owner of the puppy center is very nice person, help me a lot about my puppy. Trust worthy person he is. I will definitely reference to him. Thank you.
07:47 15 Jul 23
I was looking for dog for sale in kolkata.And Flower pets came in google. I called them and get a quick reply and multiple options from them with details guide what to do and how to choose healthy puppy for me. We choose black colour puppy. They deliver it to my home at new town kolkata. Now she is our family member, my daughter lover her.Thank you flower pets for all the service and polite behaviour.
Manjulika DasManjulika Das
13:40 18 Apr 23
I was browsing the Dog for sale in kolkata when I came across this gorgeous black Labrador by Flower pets team. He's healthy and well-behaved, and he would make a great addition to any family.I love dogs, and I can't imagine living without one. I'm sure this Labrador would make a great friend for anyone who is looking for a loyal and friendly pet. He's also very healthy, which is something that you can always count on in a dog.If you're looking for a dog that will be a loyal companion, then I highly recommend you to contact Flower Pets. You won't regret it!
Ripa BiswasRipa Biswas
13:39 18 Apr 23
I recently bought a dog from Flower Pets in Kolkata and I am so happy with my purchase. The staff at Flower Pets was extremely helpful and knowledgeable, providing clear and concise information regarding the breed of dog that I was interested in purchasing. The dog itself is a beautiful, healthy and well-behaved pet. She is friendly and loves to be cuddled. The staff made sure to provide me with all the necessary information to properly care for my new pet and have been very helpful in answering any questions I have had since the purchase. I am very pleased with my purchase and would highly recommend Flower Pets to anyone looking for a new pet.
Rohan SahaRohan Saha
13:37 18 Apr 23
I recently bought a husky puppy from Flower Pets in Kolkata and I'm very pleased with my purchase. The staff at the store were extremely helpful and friendly. They answered all my questions and gave me a lot of information about the breed of dog I was considering. The dog I bought is a beautiful and healthy animal and the price was very reasonable.I would definitely recommend Flower Pets to anyone looking for a pet in Kolkata.♥️
Sayan MondalSayan Mondal
15:13 15 Apr 23
We have taken a lab (Zora) from flower pets it's a ultimate please for taking puppy.they provide all breeds puppy, the owner is very knowledgeable,we have got a free home delivery and good discounts. Recommend to all the people looking for dog for sale in Kolkata.
Rinku MollaRinku Molla
14:40 15 Apr 23
We were looking dog for sale in Kolkata,after doing some research we found the best provider who got a experience team for a hassle free process,flowers pets have all breeds collection,heavy bone puppies super active.we are very happy with service. After sale service is very good definitely recommend.
car bechocar becho
14:13 15 Apr 23
We had recently taken a husky (Zayan) from Flower Pets. we are very happy to choose flower Pets as our puppy provider. best dog for sale in Kolkata, they provide all top quality breeds genuine puppy so recomend to all the people who searching for a good breeder.
Alokananda DasAlokananda Das
09:36 29 Mar 23
Mishka (My Golden Retreiver) was adopted from here 6 days back. She is the most beautiful and thanks to flower pet for taking care of her so well. Am very happy with the service. Thank you,
indrajit sahaindrajit saha
15:21 18 Jan 23
Just got a month old Shih Tzu puppy…Adorable and ☺️
puja sharmapuja sharma
10:12 11 Jan 23
So nice service even it delivered pet puppy within two hours on same day. Even as, there is a original breed of dog they supply and so healthy puppy baby...thanks for service
Debajit DeDebajit De
15:52 20 Oct 22
Recently bought a St Bernard puppy from here, really good behaviour and most importantly superb quality pup provided by then. Highly recommended for everyone...
eshita karmakareshita karmakar
12:31 02 Aug 22
I got my golden retriever puppy(DODO) few days back from them. The puppy is healthy with an ideal weight and very much energetic... At first I wasn't pretty sure weather They will give the pure breed or not... But the owner of flower pet ensure me to not to worry about it & I am very happy that they kept their promise and give me the best one.

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WELCOME TO Flower Pets

We Flower pets are one of the biggest puppy selling provider in Kolkata. We Delivery of Puppies in all over India. To get a best quality puppy at affordable price contact Flower Pets today. Our main services is deals with selling puppies of different breed. We keep puppies in homely conditions with proper care and comfort. We provide guide and help to our customer over phone about the way they can take proper care of puppy after they buy it with food instruction and other details which keep you puppy healthy and fit .
dogs for sale in kolkata
puppies for sale in kolkata

Choose us as the best puppy shop.

We are the largest puppy shop who will be there to help you out in this situation so that you can get a complete service to us, and we will also help you out regarding the problems you can regularly face with your Dog. You can choose us and stay tension-free about your Dog. If you are willing to get a doggy, you can also take help from us. We will help you so that you can get your Dog at your house, and they will become your best friend.


Most frequent questions and answers
Flower Pets is #1 dog dog breeder and seller in Kolkata. We provide free Cash on delivery within Kolkata and surrounding area. you can call us to book your preferred dog breeds online and get free cash on delivery.
There are a number of breeds available in Kolkata to choose from and before making a decision. We Flower Pets provider all top quality dog breeds like
  • Labrador
  • Pug
  • German Shepherd
  • Pariah
  • Indian Spitz
  • Dachshund
  • Doberman
  • Dalmatian
We have very affordable price so that don’t need to worry once pricing, Get the best quality dog for sale in Kolkata.
The price should range from 7k to 25k depending on the dog breeds. We provide the best affordable pricing for our customer. Call today to connect most trusted dog breeder in kolkata.
The German Shepherd price should range from Rs 18,000 to Rs 40,000. German Shepherd for sale in kolkata, we have top quality German Shepherd available for sale with with good price.
These are the most popular dog breeds around India according to the recent survey 2022
  • 1. Labrador Retriever
  • 2. German Shepherd
  • 3. French Bulldog
  • 4. Golden Retriever
  • 5. Dachshund
  • 6. Beagle
  • 7. Boxer
  • 8. Shih Tzu
  • 9. German Spitz
  • 10. Pug
Flower Pets Provide Most most popular dog breeds collection with a very good price.
The price range start from 7k to 15k, Flower Pets is the leading online pet shop in Kolkata. We have hassle free adoption process just order on call and get free home delivery with cash on delivery facility.
Spitz puppy can be available for as little as 3000k – 5000k price point. Spitz dogs required low-maintenance and fairly basic care. Get best quality Spitz puppy with Flower Pets

Flower pet All Home Breed Lhasa apso, Shihtzu, Maltese, Yorkshire terrier, Puppy and Dogs Best Quality

Get the best pet care service from us.

Searching for pet care services near you? If yes, choosing our services is going to be the perfect one for you. Here we will provide vast service as follows:


dog breeders in kolkata

Dog breeding

When you are searching for top dog breeders in Kolkata near me, there is more than one breeder here to provide services near you who can also help you out in this situation. We will also offer a complete breeding service to you so that you can make the breeding service a perfect one for you.

cute puppies for sale in kolkata

Providing healthy puppies towards you

The company will also retain the health of your puppies. If you are worried about your puppy's health and think that your puppy needs grooming, you can go for our services. Our team will help you to get healthy puppies in this situation. We will help you to groom your Dog so that you will be able to get healthy puppies that can be helpful for you. Besides that, we are also a known dog seller who will sell the best dogs at your house.

Dog shop in Kolkata

Dog sitting

In Kolkata, we also provide a complete dog sitting procedure to your Dog. We will take care of your Dog when you are busy with some other work and assure that your Dog will stay comfortable with us. We will take care of your Dog so that Dog will remain comfortable, and they will be able to get a complete service from the end of yours.

Dog training in kolkata

Dog training

We also provide a complete dog training procedure for you. While you are residing with your Dog, this is the much-needed procedure that you need to perform. They will also help you out in this situation. We will also provide a complete dog sitting procedure so that your Dog understands your language, and they can be able to know your vocabulary and become a trainee dog.

Dog for sale in Kolkata contact today for German shepherd, Staffordshire bull terrie, The English bulldog, The Cockapoo, The Shih Tzu, The cocker spaniel, The Labrador retriever, The pug

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Find a Trustworthy Breeder So That You Can Find Your Best Canine Friend for Life

You must choose a trustworthy dog shop in Kolkata like us Flower Pets and select a breed that suits your needs when you are looking for puppies for sale near me. Your chances of getting a happy, healthy dog that lives a long time rise if you take the time to select a great dog shop who responsibly breeds healthy puppies.

A puppy purchase should never be hurried or instantaneous, and if it is, you might want to consider why the breeder of the shop is so eager to move the puppies off the premises. And also make sure to get a clear idea about the Dog Price In Kolkata when you are looking at certain breeds.

How to Locate Trustworthy Dog Shop in Kolkata

Responsible Dog shop in Kolkata that are doing their jobs ethically like us Flower Pets won’t sell their puppies to the first person who comes in with cash. Unaware people purchase puppies from puppy farms far too frequently. This frequently leads to the purchase of puppies with underlying health issues or temperamental issues that may not be immediately apparent.

The cost of treating a dog with genetic health issues brought on by bad breeding practices or with serious behavioral issues brought on by a lack of early socialization can run into the thousands of rupees, not to mention the anguish and heartache it causes. Therefore always make sure to find the best dog shop in your area.

There are lots of wonderful, dedicated, simply the pet shop near me that sell puppies and who want to raise healthy puppies. Unfortunately, some intentionally breed dogs to profit at all costs. These people frequently prioritize profit over health, keeping their canines in subpar conditions.

Take Your Canine Buddy Home Hassle-Free: We Are Available Online

There are many canine breeds that you can get here online when you look for puppy shop near me and find Flower Pets. It is a very simple process, you get into the website, find your perfect canine friend from the list where you will find all the details, and order the sweetest puppy that makes your heart feel warm.

You can always go for Alsatian as Alsatian Dog For Sale In Kolkata can get you a dog that has strong sense of compassion and loyalty towards its owners. If properly trained, they will respect, love, and protect their owners while also guarding them from outsiders. If you are looking for a rather cure dog, go for Beagle Puppies For Sale In Kolkata, a breed that enthusiasts refer to as “merry,” are affectionate and endearing, joyful, and companionable, all traits that make them great family dogs. Search the best breeders near me and take your friend home today. You can look for Pug Dog In Kolkata For Sale as pugs are bred to be a friend and companion for their owners. He is endearing, loving, outgoing, and has a calm and steady disposition. Due to their desire to please their owners, pugs are often easy to teach. You can also buy puppies online with Flower Pets that saves you all the hassle.

If socialized and taught properly, Doberman Puppies For Sale In Kolkata is a good choice. It is thought of as people-oriented dogs that are loving and nice to people. Even while some Dobermans only develop strong ties with one person, if raised with children, they get along well with children and are loyal to their owners. For a family searching for a medium-to-large dog, Labrador Puppy For Sale In Kolkata make sociable, outgoing, and affectionate companions with plenty of love to go around. Just search for How To Buy A Dog In Kolkata, and find us online easily to take your lab puppy home today. Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale In Kolkata make excellent family pets because they are devoted and intelligent. They are regarded as one of the most popular breeds in America thanks to their kind demeanour, glossy coats, and endearing smiles.

Just go online and search for Where To Adopt A Dog In Kolkata, you will find many options there. But only a few of them are responsible pet shop. Therefore, connect with Flower Pets today who are the most trusted pet shop in Kolkata.


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