Choose the Best Puppy in Kolkata That Suits Your Personality & Family

Choosing the best canine may be both thrilling and nerve-wracking. After all, you’re agreeing to take care of a breathing, living creature in Kolkata who will rely on you for the rest of his life! What breed of dog should I get? Will he fit in well with my family?

Before you even bring a dog home from the places where you get Puppy for sale in Kolkata, you must take the first step toward becoming a responsible dog owner. If you carefully and thoroughly analyse your wants before to making a decision, you’ll lead long, satisfying lives together. Before selecting a puppy, you should perform research to assure its health:

Check Out Your Littermates’ Jobs:

Do they all play together or does one person play alone and hide in a corner? If you want a confident pet in Kolkata, that animal might be perfect for you. If you want a calmer partner, go get the puppy in the corner. This does not negate the need for socialisation or consideration of additional training, either.
Consult The Owner:
Ask about the appetite and bowel movements of the Puppy for sale in Kolkata. Do they eat dry puppy food for all the puppies? Have they had diarrhea or vomited? Have the puppies’ intestinal parasites been treated?

See How They Move:

Are they on all fours or just one? Is there anyone here that walks with a limp? Puppies walk awkwardly, but their weight should be distributed evenly over all of their limbs.

Examine Their Overall Appearance:

Are the puppies’ coats shiny? Is it flaky or dull? Do you have any sores or bald patches? Puppies should have glossy, healthy coats that don’t have any patches of redness or hair loss.

How Can I Predict The Personality Of The Puppy?

Even if it’s too early for an exact temperament test, you can still get a general notion of your puppy’s personality. Is it clear that he wants to play? Does he smell or prod your hand when you offer it and invite his touch? Is he comfortable around people, or does he flee when you get too close?

Check to see if the puppy would roll over on his back for a belly rub. Puppies who will hold that position are usually laid-back, whereas Puppy for sale in Kolkata who refuses to be rolled onto their backs are usually more independent. It can be stressful for the dog, so don’t force him to stay there.

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