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Dachshund puppies

While you are searching for dachshund puppies for sale, more than one company can help you out in this situation. Among them, you can choose our service as we are providing an All-in-One service. Here is the range of services that you can get from us.


This is a dachshund puppy that is very friendly to humans. For this reason, you can also take them to your home. You will not face a massive problem while you are searching for dachshund puppies. They are very friendly in nature and very kind and loyal-hearted, so you can keep them in your house.

What services can you get from us?

Here is the range of services that you can get from us so that you will be able to get round-the-clock assistance regarding your puppy. While you are taking names to your house, you never feel hassle regarding their health. For this reason, residents of Kolkata have made us their favorite.

Pre-vaccinated dachshund puppies.

While you are searching for dachshund puppies near you, you will be able to get services from us. We will help you with vaccinated dachshund puppies so that you don’t have to take the hassle regarding the vaccination for your dachshund puppies. In this scenario, we will provide a complete immunization, and we will provide an entire guideline regarding the immunization of your dachshund puppies so that you don’t have to take hassle while buying a dachshund puppy.

Pocket-friendly services

Here you will be able to get pocket-friendly vaccinated dachshund puppies from us. We will not go to earn huge money from you. So, you can stay tension-free while you’re searching for dachshund puppies. Charges will not be a huge one, and you will also be able to get Quality Services from us.

dachshund puppies sitting

We will also provide dachshund puppies sitting experience to you when you are outside of your house. We will take care of your dachshund puppies and help you groom your dachshund puppies. As a result, you will not feel any hassle while taking care of your dachshund puppies.
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While you are searching for puppies near you, you can take help from us. We are a service provider who can help you out to get your puppies at your home. Also, we do provide a number of services from us regarding your puppy. So if you are also willing to get the benefits, you can place a call to us so that you will be able to know about the prices of the puppies. They will also be a pocket-friendly option for you so that you can get your puppy at your home without any hassle. So, you can make a call to us and get the best assistant regarding the puppies. All of the puppies are pre-vaccinated, so you don’t have to take hassle about your health. They are completely healthy. We will also help you out in this situation so that you will be able to get a service from us.

Pre-Vaccinated Puppies

During this Covid-19 situation, everyone needs to be very careful due to which vaccination becomes very essential. But along with us, dogs, human’s best friends, also need vaccination. Are you looking for such a vaccinated puppy? Then, don't worry as we have pre-Vaccinated Puppies for sale. We usually give them vaccines within their first 3 months.

Dog Breeding

If you have a puppy or puppies in your home, then you should check this point. We deliver the dog breeding service in all over Kolkata. Besides, we offer you a healthy puppy. Just adopt and make them your best friend.

KCI Registered Puppies

KCI stands for Kennel Club of India. Its objective is to maintain the Dog Breed Standard all over India. When you buy any KCI registered dog, we assure you that you can get a KCI registration certificate from the breeder.

Deliver at your doorstep

We Flow Pets Provide Free Home Delivery all over Kolkata and surrounding area. with us you can complete the full buying process online from selecting the best puppy's to make online payment & get the puppy deliver at your doorstep.

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