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6 Reasons Many Families in Kolkata Prefer Small Breed Dogs

In addition to being simpler to feed, clean, transport, and care for, small-breed dogs and small-breed dog mixes also live longer. Like anything else, dog ownership follows fashion trends, and more individuals are now choosing to buy little breeds of dogs rather than those that develop into medium- and large-sized canines. There are good reasons for you to choose a small breed Dog in Kolkata.

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Travel More

Small dogs travel more easily whether they are going for a walk, a quick grocery run, a drive up the coast, or a flight to visit distant relatives, just as small dog breeds have no trouble living in small homes with little to no yard space. Small dogs from a reputed Dog shop in Kolkata can usually be transported in easy-to-carry kennels or bags that are the perfect size to fit in your car seat or shopping cart.

Smaller Dogs Are Less Expensive

Small breeds consume less food than medium and large-sized dogs, which results in lower food costs for your canine companion. In addition, tiny dogs are less likely to experience health problems, which results in fewer trips to the veterinarian.

Small Dogs Typically Live Longer Lives

Despite not living as long as us, most of our pets live for well over a decade. Small dogs typically live up to and past 15 years. The lifespan of your dog will depend on the breed mix, but it is comforting to know that you still have a few precious years left with your fun-sized child.

Petite Dogs Require Less Exercise

Small dogs of a Dog shop in Kolkata tire out quicker than their larger counterparts, so you rarely see them playing or jogging for as long as their larger counterparts. Small dogs, therefore, require exercise, but not as much, making them a great choice for pet parents who are unable to engage in vigorous exercise.

Fantastic for Urban Living

Urban families with little yards or those with apartments or condos are ideal candidates for small dogs. Undoubtedly, your small dog needs exercise, but small dogs can usually get it in their homes or in a small yard.

The Ideal Cuddle Size

Although most dogs are affectionate and loving, small dogs make better lap dogs. Since they are smaller, they can lay their entire bodies on your lap while you work, read, nap, etc.

To put it another way, looking for a tiny Dog for sale in Kolkata can be a complete delight! You just need to choose the small breed or blend of small breeds that best suits your personality because there are so many available.

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